Study Business English in the UK

English in itself is a very important part of our lives now. English is used across the globe for a lot of different purposes. It is used for global communication. It’s not just a language for the people of England and America. But is now the language of billions of people who use it every day. Even if people are not familiar with the English language, they still know English words. This underlines the importance of the English language. Its importance can not be undermined anymore as we move towards a world without borders. English has become the mother tongue of this global village. English must therefore be a preference for all those that do not have it as their first language. Clear and meaningful communication is important for all walks of life. And if you are to be successful in your professional life, then your English must be on point. It’s alright if you are not good at English writing or not fluent when it comes to spoken English. Because practice makes perfect. And this is what the courses on English provide, a way for you to hone your spoken English as well as your prose in English.

Business English

Like mentioned before, English is fast becoming a universal medium of communication. For example, most official documents are drafted in English all over the globe, in order to facilitate others in understanding its meaning. Because there is a huge margin for miscommunication if there is a language barrier.

Similarly as the importance of English grows as a universal medium of communication, the use of English in the business world has also grown exponentially. For example, if some one has an idea for a new business or a service, they always pitch their ideas in English. This is because pitching it in English allows for maximum translation of your ideas. The people that are interested in an idea must be able to understand the idea in order to be willing enough to invest in it. So when business use written or spoken English for their professional uses, they call it business English. There is something more technical about business English as it is allows the drafter to be able to play with words. Words that are important when it comes to writing down clauses and contracts. The wrong use of any word can be critically damaging to any business if the document was too presented in front of a court. Because the legal framework of any country is based on intent and the present evidence. The concept of business English is to be able to translate your idea in a way that is appealing to the customer. Business English allows you to be able to play with the words. In business English it is important to know the different terms and the different techniques. This word play gives the company some leverage when it comes to dealing with technicalities. Because the word play that business incorporate into their advertisements is like a work of art. And that’s the beauty of business English.

Factors of business English

The scope of business English encompasses the following thing:

  • Telephoning

The people that sit behind these telephones of customer services are trained in business English in order to better facilitate the customer and to be able to communicate with the appellant. Business English allows these employees to be better equipped to handle their customers.

  • Sales & Marketing

Business English is more important for sales and marketing than any other aspect of a business. Because sales and marketing are the departments that deal directly with the customers. And this is critical to the success of any business. Marketing must choose its words very carefully as any slip on their part could make the company look stupid and could end up in a negative image of the company. While sales has to sell the product or service directly to the customer. So they must understand how to tackle the situation. What to say and what not to say. Business English instills this into them and they understand what words to use and how to pitch it. Business English teaches you how to pitch something to the customer.

Education in England

England is now the hub for education as people from all over the world come to the United Kingdom for a better education. They have one of the best institutes in the world with universities like Cambridge and Oxford among others. This makes England a very lucrative option when it comes to choosing your next big destination.

The education system in the United Kingdom is very flexible. It allows for a better learning experience along with a greater to exposure to different people and cultures. You can choose the kind of subjects you want to study because of the flexibility that is offered in these institutions. You can cater to your career aspirations with this kind of environment. This environment allows you to discover perspectives and share stories. There is nothing better for character building The UK education system is flexible, so you can study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career aspirations. When you study in the UK you meet people from different nationalities, sharing their backgrounds and discovering new perspectives.

Why study in the United Kingdom

  • The universities and colleges in the United kingdom are ranked among the best institutions in the world with widespread recognition and their degrees and programs are valued across the globe

  • The research undertaken in the United Kingdom is of the highest quality. Their quality can be gauged by the fact that 5 per cent of the world’s research is undertaken in the United Kingdom. Of all the Papers that are cited all over the world, 14 per cent of them originate from the United Kingdom alone.

  • The biggest pro is that the educational system in the United Kingdom is flexible in a way that it allows you to design your degree. You can mix your educational subjects with other subjects that seem alluring to you. You have autonomy when it comes to design of the degree.

  • The teaching method in England allow a student the freedom to be expressive. So they can develop their creativity. Exercises like these allow students to experiment and find out their aspirations and get the confidence they require.

  • The faculty available in these institutes is impeccable. The kind of mentorship that you can have at your disposal is priceless. Guidance of this sort is what makes you successful.

  • Degrees in the United Kingdom can have specialized modules. Modules that are tailored to your needs and wants.

  • The biggest and most lucrative offering of education in the United Kingdom is that England is home to the English language and this makes it the perfect place to develop your linguistic skills. Especially for courses specific to English, there is no better place than the United Kingdom.

How to get to the United Kingdom

To get a degree from Manchester in English or any other degree pertaining to the field of English, you have to first go through the appropriate legal channel to make sure that you are legally in that country and that you can legally enroll in a course of that country. Same is the case with the United Kingdom. The applicant must apply for a British visa in order to be able to visit the United Kingdom.

The visa can be applied for a number of different reasons. For example, the visa can be for studies, for work or for personal reasons, i.e., staying with family members already staying in the United Kingdom. Or the applicant can apply for a right of abode in the United Kingdom. There are other ways to get residency in the United Kingdom. Political asylum for example can allow you to reside in the United Kingdom. And what this does is that it introduces people to the new culture of United Kingdom and these are the kind of people that actually need English courses.

Things to look for

The first thing for a visa application is that you must be outside the following regions to be able to qualify for a visa.

•          United Kingdom

•          The Channel Islands

•          The Isle of Man

First of all, you need to register for an online account to be able to apply for a visa. Then there is an application form that you must complete which requires your details for the visa. The next step is to pay for your visa application. The payment procedure makes your request go through the appropriate channel in order to be processed. After filling out the application form, you must print the form you filled and get an appointment and then attend that appointment at a visa application center.

The things you need for this visa application is that you must have the original documents as well as the photocopies of all the supporting documents that you are submitting for the visa. If your documents are in a language other than English then you must make sure that they are properly translated into English as the office only supports documents that are submitted in English.

Another important aspect of applying to the United Kingdom is that you must get yourself tested for Tuberculosis (TB). This is an important requirement of the visa application and this is how most applications are rejected. But there are certain places that do not require a TB test and for that you must first make sure that the place you are applying for exempts TB tests.

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