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Bournemouth is a tourist resort on the south of England, and it is said to have it all, from beaches to restaurants to shopping malls, form water sports to beautiful gardens, the town of Bournemouth has everything.

As far as education is concerned, Bournemouth has two universities, one is the Bournemouth University which secures 57th place in the list of UK’s universities and the other is the Arts University Bournemouth. 


Since it was first established in 1979, BEET Language Centre has grown from a small school and has also gained fame. BEET is famous for being a family school, where students are taught in such an environment where they are dealt with friendliness and are provided with the atmosphere where students do not feel any hindrances in developing their English linguistic skills. BEET offers a variety of English Language Courses and also provides courses which assist in preparing students for examinations, such as the Cambridge Examination and IELTS. BEET is recognized by the British Council and is a member of English UK, IALC, Quality English and TEN.

At BEET, teachers and instructors are highly motivated to teach student the English language not only that, they aim to provide the best quality in everything, from accommodation to administration. BEET does not compromise on anything when it comes to the learning environment of students.

BEET offers some incredible English language courses for students hailing from everywhere, at any given time, BEET has between twenty to forty different nationalities. The students accepted at BEET for enrollment must be aged 17, however 16 year olds are also accepted in special circumstances.

Course information
A BEET all the courses are developed in one and the same way , it is up to the students whichever course they want to study. Students can choose from studying 20, 24, or 28 lessons per week. These programs are called the Main Program with 20 lessons every week, the Intensive Program with 24 lessons per week and the last one is the Extra Intensive Program which contains 28 lessons weekly.

This is for all the courses that BEET has to offer , ranging from General English to Cambridge Exam Preparation to IELTS Preparation, it is up to the student’s discretion whether they want to study 20, 24, or 28 lessons weekly. Students who decide to take up a 20 lesson program will be taught the basic core concepts of English in General English and students opting for Cambridge Examination will be given exam preparatory lessons.

General English Courses
The General English language courses focus on the main language skills which are speaking, listening, reading and writing. The reason behind teaching all four concepts to students is to enable them to use the English language fluently, without feeling unconfident about it.  The teachers at BEET use various techniques and help students indulge in many activities, to encourage the students to use English in their daily routines. Lessons are designed in such a manner that students also benefit from the use of computers by using online programs to polish up their English language skills.  Students are placed with other students of the same level who are equally eager to learn the English language.

Teaching Materials

BEET brings to use the latest and most updated materials and course books for students. The course books are provided to students free of cost for their main course.  The principal at BEET has had the honor of receiving an award from the Duke of Edinburgh for one of his books, and has written many prominent titles.

Depending on the course students opt for, they have two to four teachers every day. This allows students to learn the English language with different techniques, every instructor has his own teaching methodology and this broadens the horizons of the students. There is an even further variation with the audio and video equipment that the instructors bring to use.  The main of the teachers at BEETS is to enable students to speak and write the English language with eloquence.

In order to understand where the student stands and how much practice does he require in which area of the English language.

Course Outcome

After taking up the General English Course at BEET, the students possess a richer vocabulary than they previously had, in addition to this, students are able to express themselves in a much more confident manner using the English language.

Speaking, Pronunciation and Listening
From elementary to advanced levels, this course is available all year round and provides speaking practice for students on various topics. Most importantly, under this course the pronunciation of the student is focused upon, it is ensured that the students speak the words in a correct as well as refined manner. There are a wide range of speaking practices that are developed to encourage students to speak the English language with eloquence and fluency. Topics are discussed in groups and simulation and role-playing is also used for effective learning purposes.

Course Outcome
By enrolling in this course, students are able to speak the English language fluently and also learn quite a lot about the history and culture of Britain.

Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
available all year round, from elementary to advanced level students this course offers different themes every week, it incorporates the words that would help understand reading material in the subject. Majority of the reading material encompasses the British life and culture and gives the students an opportunity to improve and develop their written English by bringing into use the vocabulary that the students have been taught.
Course Outcome
By taking up this course, students are able to polish up their written skills and are also able to write about a variety of different topics. Students are also capable to better express themselves after taking up this course.

English for Business
This course is available for lower intermediate to advanced level students and it is designed in such a manner that it enables students to use the English language practically. The students who usually take up this course are those who wish to excel in their careers. In this course, students are taught how to interact with people in the corporate world, how to communicate in meetings, how to give the most effective presentations. In addition to this, students are also taught how to write formal letters and emails and how to make reports. Making business calls is also included in this course, and simulation is brought into practice here.

Course Outcome

By enrolling in this course, students have a better understanding of the real business environment, they would also have the confidence to actively participate in business discussions. Communication skills of the students are also developed in this course as students are taught how to give effective presentations and make business calls as well.1


IELTS Preparation Courses
IELTS has become very popular in a short period of time, it is one of the most widely-accepted exam used to measure a student’s understanding of the English language in majority of universities. There are four main components of the IELTS exam that is listening, reading, writing and speaking, the preparation course at BEET provides a platform for students to excel in all four categories and to develop the necessary skills required to pass the IELTS exam with flying colors.

Course Outcome
By taking up this course, the students learn a wide range of techniques which they then use to ensure high scores in the IELTS exam. Students undertaking this program would have rich vocabularies and would also be able to express themselves freely using the English language.

Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE and PET

The Cambridge exam has three main levels, the Cambridge First Certificate for those who can freely converse using the English language, Cambridge Advanced English for those who can use the language in a more professional manner and the most difficult of the three, the Cambridge Proficiency in English is for those who are qualified to perform well and can make use of the English language in any given context.

Students are required to practice reading, writing, practically using English in different scenarios. Students are taught phrases that increase their vocabulary and help students to complete the papers more efficiently and in a self-assuring manner, the main aim is to improve the overall linguistic skills of the students. Students are provided with techniques and strategies that would enable students achieve higher grades and accomplish what they aspire for. Students are also given pressure tests, where they are required to complete a task in a certain time, this is done to prepare students for the exam.

The PET has three papers, Reading and Writing, Listening and the last one being speaking. The preparation course at BEET ensures students practice all of these skills and develop unbelievable linguistic skills.

Course Outcome

By taking up this course, students are able to confidently appear for their Cambridge exams .

Apart from education, Bournemouth also has a rich culture to offer to its tourists.

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