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Being a sea-side resort Brighton is a famous tourist location, it is known for its unusual shopping areas and its culture and art. Every year, Brighton is home to more than eight million visitors and is considered to be the most popular tourist site in the UK for foreign tourists.   

A total of eighty schools come under Brighton and Hove City Council, out of which 54 are in Brighton. The University of Sussex and the university of Brighton are the two universities currently functional in Brighton , the University of Sussex is ranked at the 21st  position and 110th worldwide.


With their English courses recognized throughout schools, UIC ensues that students are able to develop perfect linguistic skills. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities and to indulge in and explore different cultures. UIC offers students high quality English Language training at affordable prices.

The staff at UIC is determined to help students achieve their goals and cater for the needs of students. All the courses are designed in such a manner that they fit the needs of all students. The lessons are planned in such a manner that they boost up the confidence levels of students and encourage students to use English language as a means of communication. Students are given the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills by such activities that help them bring the language in use.


The General English course aims to increase the student’s vocabulary and grammar and also improve your written and reading skills.  The courses designed under the General English category involve various teaching methods that ensure that students use the English language eloquently and accurately. UIC’s General English course aims to prepare students and to give them confidence to use the English language in their daily routines.  To ensure this, teachers and instructors encourage students to actively engage in activities that boost their communication skills.


IELTS has rapidly become the most prominent test for English language all over the world and it is widely accepted in all major universities in the UK. The IELTS course is designed in such a manner that it helps students develop all the necessary skills and techniques required to clear their IELTS examination with flying colors. After taking the English Exam course at UIC, students are able to apply important reading tactics and also to write in such a manner that is the requirement of the IELTS exam. This course also enables students to develop sharp listening and speaking skills as the IELTS also examines the way students speak English, and how they have developed listening skills.


The English+ course provides a learning platform for students to study either a fifteen or twenty hour course at UIC English Oxford and then they can further combine this course with any subject they wish to specialize in at Oxford Tutorial College which is a part of Oxford International which is renowned for preparing students for public examinations. For students who wish to pursue higher education, the Oxford Tutorial College also excels in providing students with A level and GCSE tuition


Students who want to learn how to deal with real life situations, business meetings, how to give presentations should take up this course. Students who wish to further excel in their careers by learning how to write formal letters and emails, how to formulate reports and how to generally communicate with people from diverse backgrounds in a business environment. This course is can also help students to build a CV that is effective and it is particularly designed for such students who want to particularly excel in their careers.


 Brighton Language College resides in the city centre which means students can easily access all that the city has to offer while studying at the college. The College ensures that from the arrival of students to their accommodation, everything is taken care of to ensure that they students get the environment that they require and feel the most comfortable in.

There are various courses offered by Brighton Language College, including General English courses, where students are taught how to improve their writing skills and how to increase their vocabulary. Under the General English courses, students are shown how to use proper grammar and it is ensured that students practice hard enough to grasp all the concepts that are taught.

In addition to this, Brighton Language College also offers exam preparation courses for exams such as IELTS. In this course students are taught all the tactics and techniques that are necessary and required to take up the IELTS examination. The English language taught by the instructors focuses upon listening, speaking, writing English and also to develop skills to analyze critical scenarios.

Business English is yet another course offered by Brighton Language Centre, whereby students are taught how to develop linguistic skills that come handy in the practical world. Students are given an insight on presentation skills, how to interact in meetings and how to use the English language in a formal manner.


The English Language Centre at Brighton is famous for the high quality of its tuition and phenomenal instructors. The environment provided to students is of the sort that the students are able to freely study and at the same time, also have fun during their stay.

Cambridge ESOL

Cambridge exams are widely accepted in all universities and colleges throughout the world , the English Language Centre offers courses to prepare students for such exams and ensures that students get their desired score.

There are three basic categories of the Cambridge exam:

The First certificate in English (FCE) is appropriate for students who feel comfortable and confident while speaking and writing English without any errors.

The Certificate in Advance English (CAE) is required by the students who can use their English Skills in a more professional manner, and know how to use the language in practical life.

Considered to be the most difficult exam, the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) is for the students who are qualified enough to perform well and know how to use the language in every context and scenario.


The Test of English for International Communication is world renowned and its test scores are brought into use more than a hundred countries by more than ten thousand companies, government agencies and English Language Learning programs. The English Language Centre at Brighton ensures that students acquire the best scores, by offering preparation courses that improve the linguistic skills of the students and enabling them to pass their exams with flying colors.


This course has been particularly developed to prepare students who wish to pursue their higher education in the USA. In this course, there is a focus on language, academic and cultural skills as well, enabling students to achieve their goals and get enrolled in the university they want. This course a platform to students to gain the cultural experience in the United States , it is designed to aid students in settling down and getting accustomed easily with their university lives.


This course is offered to those students, who wish to speak the English language with eloquence and fluency. Students who get enrolled in this course get to learn how to bring English to practical use, it also ensures students fully experience Brighton and learn from its rich culture by learning the English language.  This course is tailored as per the specific needs of the students, however lessons from the General English Course and Language study both are combined to teach the students. As part of this course, students are taken to various sites, such as the museums, art galleries and neighborhoods where students get to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.


The English Language Centre apart from many other courses offers this particular course for students who aspire to get better jobs and who wish to excel in their careers. This course provides the students with the linguistic skills that they would require to ensure that they confidently communicate with their colleagues and acquaintances while speaking English fluently and with no difficulty at all.


This course designed by the English Language Centre particularly deals with developing students’ skills for their global careers. Based on three levels, where each level prepares the students in a different manner and provides the students with a completely new set of skills.  At each level, the students acquire new skills and are encouraged to practically use their skills by allowing them to interact with like-minded students and also genuine business persons. By the end of the course, the students excel at English, in addition to this they have also gained a work reference by meeting various business persons.

Brighton is not just a beautiful tourist site, but is also home to many world-renowned English tutoring institutions providing incredible results since many years.

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