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Colchester is said to be the oldest town in Britain, being rich in history, it was once the capital of Roman Britain. It is the largest settlement in Essex, England. The Colchester Castle and the Colchester United Football Club, both are situated here.

 The state education of Colchester operates in the same way as that of the rest of Essex, it has a two-tier system. The schools include Colchester Royal Grammar SchoolandColchester County High School, there are also a few comprehensive schools which include Gilberd School,Colchester Academy,Philip Morant School and College,St Helena Media Arts College,St Benedict's Catholic Collegeand theThomas Lord Audley School.


Established in 1969, the Colchester English Study Centre is a renowned language institute, owned by a family and located in the Britain’s ancient most town. The Colchester English Study Centre aims to provide the opportunity to students who want to learn and improve their written and spoken English, whether it is for educational purposes or for students who wish to improve their English to find a better job, or to excel in their existing careers. At Colchester English Study Centre the students are provided with a friendly environment, however professionalism is always the first priority. The students are provided with full support by the instructors, whose main aim is to allow students to excel and accomplish their aims. 

Since the day Colchester English Study Centre was established, there have been more than 1,250 courses designed and executed for different students, it has established itself and promises the best results. The Centre welcomes students aged 16 and above throughout the year, it is a member of English UK and endorsed by the British Council. Individual students as well as students who apply through agents are accepted, also, bookings in groups are also welcomed. The Colchester English Study Centre is the only language school in Colchester that is allowed to conduct IELTS examinations all year round. The courses offered also include Cambridge English exams and IELTS preparatory exams. 

The Colchester English Study Centre provides a living area for students that offers the most comfortable and welcoming environment. The impact it has on students is that it makes students speak English in a calm and undisturbed environment, further encouraging them to learn English. 

As the Centre can be conveniently accessed from London airport and takes less than an hour by train to reach London, students not only get to learn the language easily ,without getting distracted, they also get to travel to London whenever they wish to. 

The following courses are offered by the Colchester English Study Centre:

- General English from beginner to advanced level
- Cambridge ESOL exam preparation
- TOEIC and TOEIC Bridge
- Teacher Training
- English for Doctors and Nurses
- Business English communication
- Specialized courses for business persons
- English and Culture


At the Colchester English Language Centre there are two courses that are offered under this category, the first one is Main Course 20, which is a course designed to improve the language in a general manner. It is designed for students belonging to all nationalities and all levels who wish to develop their English language skills for the purpose of excelling in their careers or in academics. Based on various levels, this course starts from beginner level A0 and goes up to advanced level C2.

This course is developed in such a manner that it rapidly uplifts the language skills of students in very less time. It can be however, continued further over a long period to excel in the English language and have complete command over it. It can also be continued if a student wants to prepare for exams such as IELTS. 

The second course is Main Course Intensive 25 offers five times additional amount of lectures to let students polish their language skills, whether it is spoken or written English.  In this course, students are given the opportunity to further enhance their skills and work on their weak areas. 


The Colchester English Language Centre offers three courses all year round, taking place in January, March and September, the time duration of the course is of 11 weeks until the examination date.  Students can also enroll in FCE or CAE courses for at least 2 weeks , during the course and those students who want to appear in the examination as the course ends , are demanded to apply specifically for the examination.


The IELTS preparatory course at the Colchester English Language Centre runs all year round, the requirement is that the student should be a minimum level of B1 to get enrolled in the IELTS course.  The instructors at the Centre specialize in the skills and techniques required to pass the IELTS examination and therefore provide ample support and help to the students to polish up their skills.


Choosing to study at the Colchester English Language Centre ensures that the students get the scores that they aimed for; the reason being the instructors are very experienced and have all the necessary skills required to prepare students for their TOEIC examinations. Students in groups as well as individual students as one on one lessons can get themselves enrolled in this course. 

Since many years, Colchester English Language Centre is renowned for giving incredible results in TOEIC courses. This has helped countless students to acquire their desired score, with an average increase of 23 percent in the scores of students, within two to three weeks of getting enrolled. 

The course is designed in such a manner that it caters to the needs of the students, however students are generally taught twenty lessons with a fifty minute duration each or they can merge a General English course as mentioned earlier with this course. Students who are at beginner levels, who still need a lot of practice but who do want a TOEIC qualification, the Colchester English Language Centre offers TOEIC Bridge courses for them.  The course outline of the TOEIC Bridge course focuses on polishing the grammar and vocabulary of the students, listening practices is also involved. In addition to this, students are taught how to deal in a business environment and the vocabulary that should be used. In this course students are also shown some exam techniques and it is ensured that the students pass their exams with flying colors.


At Colchester English Language Centre, teachers have been trained for over forty years now, and the Centre is famous for providing the best results. The Centre offer various programs to enable teachers to have the required skills to help students achieve their goals. 
The Teaching Methodology course is designed for teachers who are instructors of the English language at secondary schools and who wish to further enhance their skills. This is not an introductory course, and the teachers who wish to be enrolled need to already have a knowhow about the topics they would be required to write about. 

English for Teachers- CLIL 
is developed for teachers who already use and incorporate CLIL in their teaching, or the ones who wish to give it a try. This course intrigues those who wish to know how to help students in learning the English Language. The requirement for this course is to have a B1 level of English, which means a good intermediate level of the language. 

There is another course offered at the Colchester English Language Centre which is English for Teachers- ICT, this course is designed and developed for teachers who incorportae technology in their teaching strategies. This course is suitable for teachers who are already  integrating elements of technology in their teaching methodology and also for the ones who wish to do so. This course boosts up their confidence and enables them to try the resources from the curriculum of the class they are instructing.  


The courses offered by the Colchester English Language Centre are specialized courses and they are designed for medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, to help them communicate more effectively with patients in various medical circumstances.  The focus is on developing excellent spoken English skills, however some attention is also given to writing emails and reports.

Colchester English Language Centre also offers a two week course where the focus is on culture based language learning.


This course is designed especially for managers and businessmen, to enhance their skills while giving presentations, while conversing with one another. The main aim of this course is to enable managers and businessmen to overcome the hindrances and difficulties that they face when communicating with a variety of other people of the same league.  The Colchester English Language Centre has also been successful executing a program for foreign government diplomats as well.

Since it was established, devoted teachers and instructors have been working hard to ensure that students accomplish the goals that they have aspired for.

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