Adult Vacation - English and Culture - 20 Lessons Per Week Colchester English Study Centre

Course Name: Adult Vacation - English and Culture - 20 Lessons Per Week

Institute Name: Colchester English Study Centre

Immersing yourself in the local culture of the United Kingdom with like-minded people can be a very enjoyable holiday experience and a great way to improve your English. Our two-week English Select course provides a combination of culturally focused language lessons and pleasant afternoon activities explaining the fascinating variety of local history, culture and beautiful countryside of East Anglia.

This two-week language vacation course is for people who want to experience the local region and culture and talk in English with like-minded people about related topics in a relaxed, friendly environment. Participants should already have at least an A2 (pre-intermediate) level of English and feel reasonably comfortable asking and answering questions about topics that are familiar to them.

09:00 - 14:00

Participants will cover the following elements: • Communications skills • Current affairs • Rural England • Nature • Coastal industry & leisure • Retail trends & issues • Food • Art • Film & television


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