Business English - 25 Lessons Per week Eurocentres (Bournemouth)

Course Name: Business English - 25 Lessons Per week

Institute Name: Eurocentres (Bournemouth)

In the current commercial world, business English is no longer just a ‘nice to know’ skill, it is now a ‘need to know’ skill. The world is merging and business relationships are becoming increasingly international. Anyone who has to conduct negotiations, chair meetings, present projects, write emails or hold a telephone conversation will quickly find themselves held back by their inadequate skills using only the English they learned at school. In a business English course, you not only gain a comprehensive business vocabulary, but also practise specific business situations through roleplay, discussions and case studies. With optimal preparation, the traffic lights for your successful communication in the international business world turn to green.

General language training in the morning lessons, Business English in the afternoon lessons


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