Medical English - 30 Lessons Per week ETC International College

Course Name: Medical English - 30 Lessons Per week

Institute Name: ETC International College

Following this course will improve your knowledge of the sort of English required in the fields of human biology, medical science, nursing, etc. Improved language skills can advance your career and allow you to communicate fluently with your counterparts in other countries.

Many of school's clients are medical specialists from leading hospitals and clinics and around the world, including doctors, nurses and other health practitioners.

08:45 - 14:45

The course will typically develop language appropriate to the following areas: Communicating effectively with patients Communicating effectively with professional colleagues Discussing treatments, presenting opinions and assessments Developing a winning CV and triumph in English at interviews Learning how to fit into a professional team in the UK Making medical applications during the course Taking and understanding a patient history, asking about symptoms, recording information, communicating information accurately Examining a patient, rephrasing, explaining, prompting Investigations Using a medical dictionary Interpreting, explaining and discussing a diagnosis Understanding medical diagrams and documents Using general medical reference books and a pharmacology reference Examining case histories Studying the language as it relates to medical treatment; i.e. for physiotherapy, surgical treatment, giving and understanding instructions Considering language functions appropriate to certain medical scenarios Learning common medical abbreviations Examining the structure and organisation of the British National Health Service, including a discussion about the British hospital system Discussing the future of medicine.


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