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Cambridge is a city dominated by its university population, hence it is also called a university city and it is where one of the top five universities of the world, The University of Cambridge is located. The university includes the Cavendish Laboratory,King's College Chapel, and the Cambridge University Library.  Both the universities of Cambridge; the other one being Angila Ruskin University cater for around 30,000 students.


The University consists of a 100 departments, faculties, schools and institutes; even though all the schools have their own statues, it is centrally controlled by basic rules of the University.


The University comprises of six schools namely:Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology.

Faculties and Departments:

The teaching and research is divided into individual subjects or group of similar subjects by the University faculties, which is then further divided into departments.


Founded in 1919, at the University of Cambridge, The faculty of English is an internationally recognized centre for extraordinary teaching and research work in regarding literature. The University has served some of the most promising scholars, teachers, and writers of English literature in the world.

The Faculty consists of members including critics, poets, novelists and travel writers who are thorough professionals and have the knowledge expertise in literary criticism. The members of the faculty have full command over the aspects of English that are taught to the students.

The Cambridge English Tripos aims to encourage students into engaging into critically analyzing situations and to construct an argument, in both written and verbal forms. The faculty aims to broaden the horizons of the students in respect to English literature to ensure that students understand how writers work and to aware the students about the traditions and the techniques of literary writing that have been going on since centuries. The courses are designed and formulated and designed in such a manner that students gain the knowledge that they can never let go of, and it enriches their lives for a long period of time. Literature and literary writing requires unusual sensitivity and once students understand this, they gain skills that are valuable for living.

Learning and studying is not only important for students in their educational lives but it is essential for them as they step into their professional careers; it increases their odds of getting jobs at prestigious organizations. Not only can they acquire teaching and educational jobs, they are also given preference in fields such as law, management, accountancy and civil service. Many graduates also take up diverse fields such as theatre and films, or also opt to become poets and novelists; proving the fact that learning the English language and its literature is essential for all fields and professions of life.

Especially when it comes to studying English at Cambridge, it is a completely different experience; the teaching styles, the professionalism of the lecturers, everything is of an extraordinary standard. The courses designed for students consist of lectures and seminars carefully composed by the faculty members with the aim of providing students with the most relevant study material.


As the University of Cambridge ensures that an extraordinary quality of education is imparted to students it also expects its students to be very brilliant. Students are expected to regularly turn in exceptionally written work that follows the guidelines provided by the lecturer. There are students enrolled in various programs, however the students who aspire to get a PH.D are required to submit a minimum of one paper each term.  The M.Phil. program also entails students to submit a piece of written work every term. The University expects ultra-high levels of achievement and accuracy, even in the beginning stages of the student’s work.

The University ensures that students have everything they require to make their experience the best educational period of their lives. However it does expect that the top priority of all students is their studies and their degree is their main focus. Not only getting a degree, but ensuring that they acquire the best grades and graduate with flying colors. The University encourages students to engage in co-curricular activities for which there are many University Societies set up, which are meant for both, educational and recreational purposes. The ideology based on which the University is run states that everything is provided to the students, what is asked from them is to have the enthusiasm and commitment to strive for it.


Even though students enrolled in the graduate programs need to study on their own, independently; they do not need to keep to themselves. The University Library is just a step away from the English Faculty building, providing a space for graduates to meet and consult other graduates. The University ensures that students make acquaintances and produce much better results, once they consult other English graduates.

 Apart from this, there is also a special study area for students which is equipped with computers and lockers, it also has a common room for students to intermingle with their fellow English graduates.  To make sure that students have all that they need, the faculty offers a limited number of laptops that they give on loan to students.  The lecturers also have their offices in the faculty building, the building also comprises of a drama studio, and a seminar room as well; social spaces for people to interact are also available. The Degree Committee office is also in the same building, which answers all the queries and caters for students’ issues.


Language Studies International is a language school that offers a venue to study English in Cambridge. LSI offers preparatory classes for TOEFL , TOEIC and IELTS , in addition to which it also offers ESL/EFL courses. The institute facilitates students by providing them with a computer room, a student common room and fully equipped classrooms.

Language courses at LSI are designed to enable students to develop their language and interpersonal skills, by training the students in a group environment. There are a variety of fields that are offered for specialization such Business English which focuses on teaching students how to perfectly chair a meeting, give the best presentations and generally how to communicate in a work environment. Academic English is also offered to students which lays emphasis on how to ensure students follow the right grammar and have a rich vocabulary.


At Regent it is believed that the knowledge imparted to students should give them confidence , therefore teachers opt for personal coaching to help students achieve their goals. The teachers take learning the learning process to the next level by ensuring that students are also developing better personality traits as well.

Courses are designed in such a manner that students make the best out of the opportunity being provided to them.  The program consists of five main elements that ensure that students attain all that they need to learn and then practice English as an international language.

Pronunciation , Business English and study skills are taught to students in the Skills Training Session where it is ensured that students practice according to their needs and then improve where there seems to be deficiency in their knowledge.
Important basic grammar skills are taught to students in the Accuracy in Grammar session to make sure students do not make common errors and have speak and write English without making mistakes in tenses or spelling.

The course evolves around the Knowledge for a Global Community class where students are required to engage in debates and present their knowledge in the form of presentations. Students are assigned research work to open their minds and broaden their horizons regarding historical, economic and social and cultural topics. This enables the students to gain more knowledge and function in a much effective manner in the global community.

The Language Focus session lays emphasis on the students’ reading, listening, writing and study skills in English. In order to bring these skills to practical usage , the students are assigned tasks in the Spoken Performance Workshop where the students gain confidence to speak English in a range of various situations when they are given role-plays , asked to present their ideas and get involved in public speaking activities.

Every student is given a 15 minute coaching session each week where targets are set for him to achieve in the upcoming week, the performance of the student is also appraised , gauging where the student stands in terms of the English learning process.

The Cambridge Academy of English is yet another institution in its own that offers to not only teach students English as a foreign language but also aims to give students a complete experience of English culture.

Cambridge is famous around the world for its university and its buildings, it is however an exceptional place to study and excel at English.

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